Sno-Cruisers in Action this Weekend!

Hey Cruisers…Just want to update everyone on the weekend:

There’s so much snow that all 3 groomers got stuck on Friday night and the trail Grooming is taking much longer than expected with the drifting and tight packed snow.   Please be patient and the trails should all be groomed by Sunday evening.

There is a vintage run from the Palmer House to the Brickyard Bar & Grill in Clear Lake.   There will be a sweet snowmobile mini-raffle with all kinds of cool gear in your favorite brands.    Please stop in and say hi to the club…If you have any thing you’d like to see done to the trails, this would be a perfect venue to discuss it.

Additionally, the club is excited to help out the Big Lake Jaycees for their annual fishing tournament on Big Lake…We’re ready to patrol around the perimeter to make sure contestants don’t go sneaking some fish in illegally 😉    Good luck to those of you heading out to catch some prizes!

Have a great weekend enjoying the gift Mother Nature left us all!

The Sno-Cruisers


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