Membership in the Big Lake Sno-Cruisers is a great way to give back to the sport of snowmobiling while meeting and getting to know people in the community.   In getting involved and cruising with the club, you’ll find the importance of the trail system in Sherburne County means a better place to live for our residents, businesses, and local organizations.     And there is some fun to be had to…The Sno-Cruisers have several events throughout the year, such as group outings, organized rides, cookouts, etc.   For families…it offers a chance to show youngsters how their stewardship can help preserve this great Minnesota tradition for generations to come.

Your Options.  People lead busy lives and we know you can’t make every outing.  Any contribution or support  that you could offer the club is greatly appreciated.    There are three types of memberships:

Active members participate by helping with trail work, fundraisers, safety training, attending community events, etc. ($30/Year* per Family)

Non-Active membership is a way to show your financial support to the club and stay informed of club activities and events. ($30/Year* per Family)

Business membership is highly regarded as a mutual benefit to the trail system and local economy (or charitable organization).  Business members are featured within the club and encouraged to collaborate on create cross-promotional opportunities with Sno-Cruiser activities. ($50/Year*)

*Membership dues also include a Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association membership with a subscription to the Minnesota Snowmobiling Magazine publication.

To come cruise with us, please fill out and print this Membership Form:



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