Family FUN Day THIS SATURDAY Sept 27th @ McPete’s! $5.00 Unlimited Bowling, Mini-Golf, and More…

Please come cruise with us this weekend at McPete’s in Big Lake as we have a Family Fun Day.  For $5.00, Parents and Kids can bowl unlimited from 12:00-4PM.   It’s a just a casual fundraiser and a way to meet the faces behind the Sno-Cruisers and snowmobile trail system in Sherburne County.


Cruising Outlaws!

Please come visit the Big Lake Sno-Cruiser Booth out at the Outlaw Vintage Grass Drags in Princeton this weekend.   The club will be selling our annual raffle tickets with lots of CA$H Prizes!    Or just come pick up a sweet CAN CRUISER for your favorite beverage….

 2014 Raffle Tickets are in

County Road 4 Cleanup, BBQ, & Club Meeting


Hey Cruisers,

The club will be picking up the Adopt-a-Highway section of County Road 4 in Orrock starting at 5PM tomorrow night. Then we’ll be grilling out before the regularly scheduled Club meeting. There is a lot of work to do with the DNR and Trail Association this summer, so if you can please make it or know any fellow snowmobilers – Please tell them they are free to join us.

Sherburne County Trail Shed
26166 County Road 4 Northwest
Orrock, MN 55309

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you out there!

Sno-Cruisers in Action this Weekend!

Hey Cruisers…Just want to update everyone on the weekend:

There’s so much snow that all 3 groomers got stuck on Friday night and the trail Grooming is taking much longer than expected with the drifting and tight packed snow.   Please be patient and the trails should all be groomed by Sunday evening.

There is a vintage run from the Palmer House to the Brickyard Bar & Grill in Clear Lake.   There will be a sweet snowmobile mini-raffle with all kinds of cool gear in your favorite brands.    Please stop in and say hi to the club…If you have any thing you’d like to see done to the trails, this would be a perfect venue to discuss it.

Additionally, the club is excited to help out the Big Lake Jaycees for their annual fishing tournament on Big Lake…We’re ready to patrol around the perimeter to make sure contestants don’t go sneaking some fish in illegally 😉    Good luck to those of you heading out to catch some prizes!

Have a great weekend enjoying the gift Mother Nature left us all!

The Sno-Cruisers

Sno-Cruisers to help Big Lake Get Outdoors

1st Annual Big Lake Winter Get Outdoors Days


The Big Lake Sno-Cruisers are excited to be part of this family fun winter event on February 8th in Lakeside Park with club members volunteering their time to provide snowmobiles rides.    We are currently in need of some additional youth helmets for the event.  If you have any extras to borrow, we’d appreciate it.   See in you a couple of weeks!

Trail Work – Saturday November 2nd, 2013

The Sno-Cruisers will be clearing trees along the west side of MN State Highway 25 north of County Rd 16.   Volunteers come dressed for sawing, trimming, and wood chipping.   The work will allow wider trails in the right of way as the tree growth has been pushing the trail closer to the edge of the highway.